What is it?

The music industry is in shambles. The Internet made music accessible anywhere, any time. Artists are gaining more exposure than ever before. Ten years ago, pirating was a major concern. Now, it’s streaming. Artists are vocalising how little they’re paid.

But the problem doesn’t lie with the service. It goes much deeper, to the labels behind the musicians, who still operate on an outdated system. For the music industry to evolve, we need to disrupt the foundation on which it stands.

How does it work?

We created bubble to solve this problem. It’s how we envision the future of music. Cut the labels, and give artists the power to run their own business. No contracts. No overheads. Receive at least 85% of all profits generated, compared to a measly 9% earned by signed artists.


bubble is a music-based social network platform. It’s a centralised place for artists to sell and stream their music. Talk with their fans. Market their brand. Collaborate with other musicians. Organise events. bubble brings artists closer to their audience than ever before.

Music Player

Music is just the beginning.

Finally, a music player that hits all the right notes. Explore song statistics and comments. Discover a new track? Share it with your friends! Love the song? Support the artist with 1-click purchases.

The bubble Network

Music deserves its own discussion.

Discover new music by following friends, taste-makers, and artists. Join discussions. Rate and share tracks. You can even donate to show your appreciation.


Collate. Share. Subscribe.

Build a collection of your favourites so they’re always close at hand. Share the music you love with the people who might love it next.

Live Feed

Never miss a beat.

Stay current with the live feed. Sample your friends' music preferences. Discover upcoming events. Engage in musical discussion. You can even filter for a specific crowd.

When is it coming?

bubble has been in development for the last two years. We’re working on some big improvements that we’re planning to launch in Winter 2017.


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